idea__ Work on the development of audiovisuals and production collaborator in the third phase, Polizone, of the Huesped 3.0 project by Intact Project artistic group.
performance idea__ Action of artistic telepresence conducted between three centers of Arts and New Technologies: Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain), Arteleku (Donostia, Spain) and Matrabal (Montreal, Canada), as a result of a collective and teleshared work between the artists located in the centers and the interaction of the audience. It is a multidisciplinary work, developed in the context of an interactive installation, that proposes a telematic trip through cyberspace, with sensored and robotic elements, and the creation of visuals, sounds, music and performance.
concepts__ artistic telepresence, performace, collaborative work
place__ Medialab-Prado (22/01/2014, Madrid, Spain)
press__ Arte en la edad del silicio (El País)El Diario
pictures by__ Maku López