idea__ This project is a collection of several poems and a possible visualization of each of them. These bit-poems are created by rules of a specific type of poetry, English sonnet, applied to bits packets.
The contemporary world demands a different way of perceiving the digital aesthetic. For this reason, this project aims to transfer a concept of the non-digital world to the digital world and observe the result. The starting point is something created by humans: poetry. One of the main goals of poetry is to communicate. Each poetry form follows a particular series of rules and conditions. Communication, rules and conditions are the settings of a protocol in the digital world. Visualizing this protocol can create a better non-digital understanding of it. This allows us to explore and discover the result of the translation of such a concept.
concepts__ bit-poems, digital aesthetic
exhibitions__ Interface change cultures at The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale (2015, online); In the digital tracking at FILE SP 2014 (2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil); Use at your own risk at Ars Electronica Festival 2013: Total Recall (2013, Linz, Austria)__website

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Bit-Poems Samples
How have Bit-Poems been created?

*You are able to download the first Bit-Poems Collection here link