040912:IT’S RAINING DATA (first prototype)

idea by__  whoun & Alberto Rivero

collaborators__  Frank Richards, Juliana Geller, Carlos Garcia and Thodoris Foteinakis

produced in__  Interactivos? 2014 Birmingham (16th-28th June 2014) __link

production restrictions__  after the project proposal was accepted, two restrictions were set for the prototype development:

    • money matters: small brief budget
    • exhibition space rules: not allowed water use inside museum

solution__  the solutions for those restrictions were:

    • build a smaller model than project proposal
    • turn data decodification into light, not water

outcome__  with the two previous restrictions and looking for a quick response of the cloud to the user interaction, we worked in a prototype that reacts when someone writes a tweet with a specific hashtag, #interactivosbham.